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The subject that brings shivers down the spine – “Mathematics”

If you are one of the people who fear Math, you are certainly not alone. Mathematics anxiety is regarded to be a widespread student problem in school as well as in college institutions. For example, according to a study by Ashcraft and Moore, 17% of the US-American population suffers from high levels of Mathematics anxiety; studies in other countries arrive at similar estimations.

Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information

What causes Math Phobia?

  • A history of unpleasant experiences with learning Math.
  • Failure in solving questions in tests and examinations.
  • Publicly embarrassed and punished by teachers in the class.
  • The inability of parents/ families to help students with Math homework and problems.
  • The widespread notion that “Math is very hard”.
  • Pressure from teachers and parents to perform extraordinarily well.

Now that we know about the root cause of Math Phobia; on a positive note, let us learn how to stop worrying and start loving Math!


Here are 4 easy steps to conquer your stress of Mathematics!

  1. Take it easy, it’s just a subject!

Why fear a subject? First of all, you have to relax and accept that this subject stresses you out. Now you have to take it slow and make a master study plan as to how this stress can be addressed. Give time to this subject, analyze what actually bothers you; and eventually, the stress vanishes.


  1. Difficult questions first.

Firstly, target the questions that make you stuck most of the time. Once you know your weak areas, those topics can be solved with the guidance of a teacher or a Math expert. After difficult questions, come to the easy ones that can be tackled smoothly.

Note: Practicing difficult questions first is a good technique, however; in examinations, easy questions should be solved first to ensure good grades.


  1. “Practice makes a man perfect”

This old adage fits here well as a little bit of study and problem-solving every day gets you achieving good grades as you are in touch with the subject on a regular basis. Focus on what’s likely to come in the examination. Analyze your errors after it as a process of self-evaluation.


  1. Trainer talk is necessary!

Be open with your trainers and expert, don't feel embarrassed if you don't know much or anything in a particular subject. Let them know what subjects trouble you most, they will help you learn different techniques for solving tricky questions and equations. 

It is a smooth process; all you have to do is be patient and persistent. Let’s face Mathematics together!

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