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Pinnacle Charter School is the perfect introduction into the online learning world for students and families who are prepared to accept the challenge.

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Admissions advisors are the first point of contact for parents and students.

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Our Locations

Pinnacle Charter School has several locations around the state of Arizona.

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"Pinnacle Online High School will provide a flexible, coordinated, individualized program of study, targeting high school students that would thrive better in a safe blended learning environment that is designed to promote lifelong learning and core subject matter awareness, career readiness and active citizenship."

School Profile History

Pinnacle Charter School was founded in 1995, and established one of the first charter schools in Arizona. Pinnacle has grown to include several brick-and-mortar charter high schools, including the ...

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Philosophy of Pinnacle

Pinnacle Charter School’s learning system was designed to provide teachers and administrators with a robust collection of tools to meet the varied and individual needs of their students ...

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Why Choose Pinnacle?

Pinnacle Charter School’s program identifies and retains potential drop-outs early during their freshman and sophomore years, while providing seniors a way to recover credits to facilitate ...

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Pinnacle Charter Schools is an affiliate of MGRM Pinnacle, Inc. In January 2013, MGRM Pinnacle achieved recognition by AdvancED as having been granted its Corporate Systems Accreditation.

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Success Stories

Before I started attending Pinnacle, I wanted to give up on everything, including school, but I didn’t! Thanks to Pinnacle. I just had to find the right people and right school that could help me. Pinnacle lined up perfectly with what I wanted and needed and I was committed to giving it a try.

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