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Pinnacle Charter School is open entry, meaning that students can ENROLL any time of the year. Classes are self-paced, giving students the ability to study and learn any time of the day or night. New class groups start every two weeks throughout the school year.
Pinnacle Charter School enrolls grades 6th through 12th.
Each class is worth 0.5 credits.
Free enrollment is open to all students between the ages of 14 and 21.
Yes, Pinnacle Charter School has a graduation in May of each year. A Pinnacle Charter School diploma is issued to students who have completed a minimum of twenty-two (22) high school credits that meet the requirements of the state. Students must also “meets standards” on all state mandated assessments. Students are permitted to exceed the minimum graduation requirements by taking additional coursework towards university entrance.
By providing a complete set of documents ensures your student’s enrollment without any delays. The documents below should be current and legible:
  • Proof of identity
  • Transcripts from any other institutions
  • Immunization records
  • Any other information required by the Admissions Department to determine eligibility for enrollment and participation
Provide a complete set of documents related to unique needs, such as:
  • 504 accommodation plans
  • Special Education records when appropriate

Opportunities after High School

Pinnacle Charter School offers a wide range of classes that allow you to obtain a high school diploma. Because of our AdvancED accreditation, your high school diploma will transfer to a university or college. Below, you'll find helpful information on funding your education and how to apply to a secondary institution. 

Community College

Community college is a two-year institution conveniently located in local communities. Specialize in college transfer programs, vocational programs, or both. There are 1,336 community colleges in the U.S.

Length of Study: Depending on program, generally six months to two years, leading to Associate degrees, diploma or certificates.

Characteristics: Usually inexpensive, flexible hours, convenient locations, independent study as well as traditional classroom approach. Open admission. Transfer programs often tied to four-year colleges in your state or area. Usually respond to local employment demand by offering courses in needed areas.


Institutions comprised of divisions called schools or colleges geared toward preparation for professional occupations such as accounting, engineering and health services. Most universities accommodate a traditional classroom setting and offer degrees upon completion of program. There are some 2,070 colleges and universities in the U.S.

Length of study: Four years of study leading to a college Bachelor’s degree.

Characteristics:  Well-rounded education, including studies in arts, sciences, and the humanities. Can be public, private, sectarian, non-sectarian, coeducational, large or small, and found in any type of community.

  1. This is the main page to register. Click the green button to make your account:
  2. Create your account by filling in the blanks with your information. Then click submit.
  3. After submitting your information (Which creates your account) you will receive this confirmation page.
  4. After clicking the confirmation link, you should get this image and click on the “Click here to login” link.
  5. Click the login button and it will direct you to the login screen.

  6. Login using your email as your username and the password you used to register.
  7. After you login you will be directed to this screen, click the red banner that says “Create New Application”
  8. You will be directed to the actual application page, please fill out the whole application (all eight tabs on top) and then submit your application.
  9. Congratulations, if you see this image you have successfully submitted your application. An enrollment advisor will contact you via phone/email to verify information and to finish your enrollment process. If you have any questions or concerns contact the enrollment department at 1-888-746-3301.

    M-Star Login

    There may be several reasons why you can’t log in.  We’ll cover them in the order you would find it.

    I’ve received my username and password but it doesn’t work.

    If you have received an ‘Invalid Username or password’ error, double check to see that you are entering your username and password correctly. Tip: Try copying and pasting the password from the email rather than typing.

    Ensure that you are logging into Go directly to M-Star from the Student Login at the top of the website or type it directly into the address bar in your browser.

    I’ve logged in but can’t get into my courses. It takes me back to private messaging / or my timesheet.

    Did you fill out the Timesheet?

    The Timesheet is your attendance report. Before you are allowed to move on all categories for all previous days need to be reported.

    I’ve filled out my timesheet completely but nothing happens when I press the ‘Timesheet Submitted successfully…’ button.

    This is most likely a popup blocker issue. Your browser may have prevented your course homepage from opening. Keep an eye out for a notification from your browser; it usually appears at the top or bottom of your browser. It may tell you that a popup was prevented from opening. You can usually click on this message and choose an option that would allow popups to always be displayed.

    I’m logged in but I don't see my courses.

    You may not be able to see your courses because you have not been assigned to a course yet or you have been withdrawn from the courses due to non-attendance. If you were expecting to have access to a course but it has been unexpectedly removed from your course homepage you should contact your guidance counselor or that course’s instructor as soon as you notice it has been removed. Remember that we are required to enforce an attendance policy. If you do not report attendance for 10 days you will automatically be withdrawn from all courses.

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