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Middle School Courses

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Pinnacle Charter School provides a catalog with a full set of elective offerings and Honors curricula. The curriculum utilizes research-based learning theories and design models to create engaging, relevant and challenging experiences for students

Middle School Courses

The purpose of these courses is to provide the integrated educational experiences in regards to English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students will be able to understand the importance of brainstorming, problem solving and research skills when completing their assignments. Each lesson enlightens students to an assortment of activities, assessments and assignments that are accompanied by clear lesson objectives and expectations.

English Math Science Social Studies Electives
English 6A Math 6A Science 6A World History A Reading Stories 6
English 6B Math 6B Science 6B World History B Computer Fund 6-7
English 7A Math 7A Science 7A US History A Reading Literature 7
English 7B Math 7B Science 7B US History B Intro To Art 7-8
English 8A Math 8A Science 8A Civics Reading Inform 8
English 8B Math 8B Science 8B   Sports Marketing 6-8
        Writing Workshop 6-8