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Begin your Pinnacle Charter Schools experience

Whether academic, technical, or just in need of support and motivation, the student services team assigned to each student will provide a full range of support services and planning activities to ensure the ultimate success of each student.


Students seeking enrollment at Pinnacle Charter School shall be required to comply with all Federal, State, and school standards for admission. Students seeking enrollment are required to complete the following steps prior to being enrolled in the school:

  1. Submit an application for enrollment including all demographic and school-related data to the Admissions Department;
  2. Provide a complete set of updated documents, including proof of identity, transcripts, immunization records, and any other information required
  3. Provide a complete set of documents related to unique needs, such as 504 accommodation and/or Special Education records when appropriate;
  4. Communicate with staff to coordinate the actual start date for the student.